Sunday, June 10, 2012

The twine collection and how it started!

My husband's vocation and avocation is gardening.  It seemed to me that every time, I was headed to the store during the summer, he would ask me to pick up some twine to tie up plants in the garden.  One Christmas season my friend and I were at Restoration Hardware.  While there,  I spotted an extremely large spool of green twine for sale.  I knew immediately that I had found the perfect gift for Gardener Don that Christmas.

When I told the clerk that I wished to purchase it, you would have thought a store alarm had gone off!   Clerks from around the store came to see who was purchasing this one of a kind item.  When it came time to pay what I had thought cost $19.95 actually cost $69.95;  I was too embarrassed to admit that I had misread the price tag.

The spool was so large and heavy one of the male clerks offered to carry it to my car.  When I arrived home, I asked our son to carry it into the house.  The spool was hidden away until Christmas morning.  After all the gifts were open, I told Don to go to the porch where he would find one more Christmas gift for him.   He was surprised and pleased to see the ultimate spool of twine.  We have often joked that the spool will be part of his legacy to his children.  I might add that Don is a saver.  I have found bundles of the twine tucked here and there that he intends to recycle.  No wonder the spool will last forever!

In the photo "Big Green" has been joined by smaller spools of twine for the twine collection display.  Beneath the table that holds the collection is my paternal grandfather's tool box.   I remember seeing it under the kitchen stove in their Chicago three flat.  Legend has it that Grandpa Gerrard had quite a temper.  If he was upset about something,  he would give it a swift kick!

Presently,  the tool box holds garden related items... and a few bundles of twine!

Meg's Helpful Hint!  Any collection will be more impressive,  if you are able to group them in one place.