Saturday, April 28, 2012

Part Two of the Keepsake Trilogy

The secretary desk was the first piece of furniture my folks bought after they were married.  I remember it being in the living room of my childhood homes.  I also remember sitting next to my dad at that desk learning my multiplication tables.  My dad was so patient --- drilling me until I knew them.

When the desk came to be part of our home's furnishing, it was in excellent condition.   It didn't take long to break it in to our lifestyle.  Our dog liked to play ball in the living room.  Invariable the ball would end up under the desk.  Reilly would try to retrieve his wayward ball by chewing at the base.  It required a family member to get it out.  Our oldest daughter suggested that we install Plexiglas at the base so Reilly wouldn't be frustrated trying to get his ball.  Now that would have been a good look!

I often wondered, if one of our children damaged our furniture, if we would have been so understanding to them.   Speaking of children, I am not sure which one of them will make room for the secretary in their home.   All I know is I am thankful that we made good use of it in our home.  

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