Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring is coming to our booth at the mall!

It was very flattering to be asked by Cathy Clauson to share a booth at Antiques of Winfield this past November.  Cathy is a magnet for finding "great stuff!"  My contribution to the booth will be a combination of purging from our home's nooks and crannies and excess seasonal decorations.  It makes for a very interesting booth...in my opinion!  Thursday is my target date to decorate our booth with bunnies, vintage baskets, eggs, chicks, plaques and so much more.  I thought I would give you a photo sneak peek of what will be there.  What I am working on today is finishing up painting some items for the booth.  I love to paint!  Especially since I have been introduced to Annie Sloan Paint.  No prepping!  That is my kind of paint!  Once everything is in place in the booth, I will take more pictures to post.  Now, I must clear the dining room table (my workshop) and get to work.

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