Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What season is it?

You can thank me for this mild winter! I decided to leave our porch tree up for the remainder of the winter season. How lovely to look out on the lighted tree with a back drop of snow falling.  We did have one snow fall of winter 2012 to enjoy the ambiance!  As of two weeks ago all the plants that Don carried over during the winter under lights in the basement arrived on our back porch!  Is it winter?  Is it spring?  I am so confused!  Actually, Don thanks me for all my plant stands this time of year!  There will be even more plants on the porch in the coming weeks!  I try to turn a blind eye to the chaos right now and remember how wonderful it will be when the plants move out to the garden.  Soon enough,  we will be sitting on the porch and winter will be a distant memory. 

Now here is a question for you.  If I take the Christmas tree down and we get the Blizzard of 2012 are you going to blame me?

1 comment:

  1. Funny! I promise that I won't blame you if we get a blizzard after you take the tree down. Come on, Spring!